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Meet Mike Martella, A True Sales Guru

When Mike joined the MooveGuru team, he brought in over 15 years of real estate experience with him. He came in with expert knowledge and a winning attitude and it shows. Read below to learn more about our Sales Guru, Mike Martella

What is your favorite part of the MooveGuru service?

My favorite part is our Customer For Life program, because agents struggle with staying in contact with past customers and their sphere of influence. Our program solves one of the biggest industry challenges and allows agents to focus on selling and listing more homes.

Share a success story you have heard from a Broker.

I have the fortune of working with brokerages across the country and I consistently hear from agents and brokerages how our program has helped them get more referrals. In addition, more and more agents were spending time researching the utility company options in their area for their client’s move. With our concierge service, the agent no longer has to spend time doing this because we contact their clients directly, schedule a call, and get them connected to all their utilities, saving both the agent and customer time.

What are some things you enjoy doing outside of working at MooveGuru?

I recently moved to Florida, and I love spending time outside, on the beach, listening to music. Just spending time with friends and family soaking up all the great activities Florida has to offer.

What is one thing you loved doing as a kid that you no longer have the time to do, but wish you did?

One of my favorite activities as a kid was coming home after school with all my friends playing street hockey and roller hockey. We did not have iPhones, video games (maybe Atari), or the internet. Wow! It has been 25+ years but that is what I remember. Those were the days haha!!!

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