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Meet MooveGuru’s CEO, Scott Oakley

Mooveguru has had a busy February. We’ve made headlines for our partnership with EXIT realty, a partnership with Mel Foster Co. and our acquisition of Homekeepr. Additionally, our founder was recognized by RISMedia as a 2021 Newsmaker!

We thought in all the excitement, it would be a timely opportunity to spotlight our founder and CEO, Scott Oakley.

Scott is a veteran in the real estate digital marketing space. Launching his career selling franchises at RE/MAX, he quickly moved into the technology side of the industry and initiated the first virtual tour company in 1997 called After taking that business public, Oakley then started Connecting Neighbors, building more than 20,000 realtor-sponsored neighborhood websites and winning the Inman Innovators award in 2003. Selling that business, he built two divisions at Lone Wolf before starting MooveGuru in 2016. Scott is committed to helping continually lead innovation in the real estate space. All to best serve brokerages, realtors and of course – those we’re all here to serve – moovers and homeowners.

To get to know him behind the headlines, here’s a quick Q&A:

Q: Why did you launch MooveGuru?

A: The process of moving has remained the same since the invention of the telephone. It’s often laborious and stressful. Consumers spend an average of eight hours connecting utilities, scheduling moving trucks, pricing insurance, buying boxes and a plethora of other tasks. Unfortunately, the stressors of moving often diminish the enthusiasm associated with such a hallmark event in a person’s life. What if this stressful process could be streamlined and dare we say, pleasant? All while the real estate agent gets credit for the service? That was the idea behind MooveGuru’s inception.

Q: Do you have a customer success story you’d like to share? Or, a second-hand story from a realtor about a moover’s experience you’d like to share?

A: I had a broker with a large brokerage in Florida call me last week. She let me know that through using MooveGuru, she recruited one agent using our platform. Not only that, one of her agents won a listing when she explained Mooveguru’s benefits to the homebuyer.

Q: What excites you about the Homekeepr acquisition?

A: So many things. Fantastic technology and adding 430,000 home pros and 230,000 real estate agents to our circle. Most importantly though, we’ll now be able to help moovers through their moove AND BEYOND. By helping realtors offer this convenience for free to their clients, realtors get to continually provide value to their clients well after close. It’s all about keeping clients for life.

Q: What positive effects can the industry expect from this news?

A: In short, a better consumer experience. When homebuying clients are taken care of, the realtor is taken care of and so is the brokerage. It’s a positive ripple effect at every level.

Q: You also landed a partnership with EXIT Realty recently? How will EXIT Concierge help its realtors and their clients?

A: EXIT Concierge is a fully automated program through EXIT corporate that will ease the pain of moving for the consumer all under the realtor’s brand.

Q: Any growth stats to report?

A: 28 total team members now and over 1,000% year-over-year platform growth.

Q: What does the future of MG look like?

A: There is a game-changing product being released in April. Stay tuned!


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