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Meet MooveGuru’s Dawn Bienek

At MooveGuru, we’ve grown by nearly 800% in the last year. There’s one underlying reason for our success.

Yes, we provide an innovative and necessary mover automation platform for realtors, brokers and lenders. Yes, we fulfill our mission of making moving easier. But, if we had to point to one thing that’s most responsible for the success we’ve experienced, it’s our people. We know most companies say that. For us though, it’s not lip service. We feel so grateful to the people who make MooveGuru move.

With that in mind, it’s only right to put them front and center. This month, we are so honored to introduce you to our sales manager, Dawn Bienek.

In her day to day you can find her demo-ing our moving concierge technology, training agents prior to launch, assisting the sales team and finding opportunities for operational efficiency gains. No stranger to the industry, Dawn was a Keller Williams broker before joining the MooveGuru team.

Dawn holds a master’s degree in criminology from the University of Cincinnati and a broker’s license from Roy Faron School of Real Estate in North Carolina.

When she’s not Guru-ing, you can find Dawn entertaining, cooking, reading or writing. She’s actually written children’s books!

Here’s what Dawn says about her work:

“I love what I do. It is ever changing and keeps you on your toes! Most importantly though, I believe in our platform! We provide a product that is free to the consumer and offers true benefits to agents and their clients.”

Want to chat with Dawn about our technology? She’d be happy to demo it for you. Or hey, if you’re not ready for a demo, you can reach out to Dawn about her favorite recipes or books. She’d love to connect.

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