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As we approach Thanksgiving, we’re all focusing in on what we’re thankful for. At MooveGuru, we’re thankful for our team. They’re the people we get to share wins with. They’re the people we spend 2,080 hours a year with. Lucky for us, our team rocks.

Case in point, meet our Broker Sales Guru Shannon Hicks.

Daily, you can find her reaching out to potential clients to introduce them to MooveGuru. She also hosts trainings to familiarize agents with their brokerage implemented MooveGuru benefits. Prior to joining the MooveGuru team, Shannon served on the marketing team of an insurance agency.

To get to know Shannon better, here’s a quick Q&A:

Q: What excites you about your role at MooveGuru?

A: I love that I’m able to work remotely and still connect with so many people around the nation. Additionally, MooveGuru has so much room for growth so I’m excited for our future. The very best thing about my role though is the team I get to work with. They are all so smart, dedicated and fun! There is nothing better than working with an organization that prioritizes its people and its culture.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not helping realtors leverage their moving concierge technology for their clients?

A: I love to cook and bake! I craft a mean charcuterie board! I also do photography part-time, shooting couples and families. In my downtime you can find me at Trader Joe’s, watching a movie, sipping on coffee or planning my baby shower in January 2021! You rock, Shannon! We’re so proud to have you on our team!


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