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MooveGuru provides a mover engagement program free to agents and brokerages.

ATLANTA, Jan. 16 / — MooveGuru Inc. today announced the launch of its consumer engagement program which emails move-relevant coupons to movers. Using proprietary information, MooveGuru ensures consumers receive the coupons they need, when they need them. Powered by industry-leading transaction processing partners, MooveGuru is available to every real estate agent in the US and many in Canada.

Through the MooveGuru program, Movers receive a campaign of emails directly from their real estate agent or other mover related service provider. Coupons are available from national retailers including Home Depot, PODS, Papa Johns, Allstate, and many others.

Agents and brokerages working with zipLogix™, Rapattoni MLS, Profit Power, and Form Simplicity™ have free access to MooveGuru through those platforms. Other industry related companies including One Source Solutions, Builders Update, and HouseMaster are using MooveGuru to engage the movers with whom they work.

“Movers endure a very stressful period in the days leading up to and after the move,” said Scott Oakley, Head Guru at MooveGuru. “We know that many of the products and services used during that time are not frequent purchases. Movers depend on their trusted advisor, their real estate agent, for help during the move. Our service sends the mover money saving coupons, which appear to be sourced by the agent. The offers arrive exactly when the mover is likely to be purchasing that good or service. The best part is that because of our outstanding partnerships in the industry, agents don’t have to do anything. And it’s free.”

MooveGuru emails are branded to the brokerage and are delivered from the agent. With open rates that dwarf standard email campaigns, marketers are pleased to advertise through the MooveGuru program.

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MooveGuru launched its program in September of 2016 with the vision of “Connecting Consumers to the Marketer They Need When They Need It”. The MooveGuru program is based on an idea conceived by Scott Oakley in 2011. Scott saw an opportunity in the utility industry to extend the relationship between the call center and movers. Within the independent company, MooveGuru, Scott’s vision has found a home. MooveGuru is privately owned, funded by a small group strategic investors.


CONTACT: Scott Oakley of MooveGuru Inc.


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