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Moving in December Isn’t So Bad

Commentary by Scott Oakley, CEO

We can reduce the stress of moving even in December.

With Thanksgiving in our rearview, and the holiday season upon us, the idea of moving at this time of year may seem overwhelming for your clients. Thrive Global, a leading research firm on the topic of well-being, provides a ranking of the most stressful life events, ranking moving as 7th overall. Moving falls in behind the top-ranked death of a loved one, along with divorce, marriage, new job, workplace stressors and financial problems.

With this in mind, there are droves of REALTORS® who go on vacation this time of year when the market volume is light. In contrast, great agents see this time of year like a hill challenge on a bicycle. When business is hard, you pedal harder to get to the top and finish the year strong.

It’s important that agents keep the stress levels of their clients in mind this time of year. Use the extra time that you have on your hands to play a more significant role in helping your clients move. There are so many details to organizing a move that it’s overwhelming for your customers.

One of the most prominent trends in new technology adopted by brokers this year is moving concierge. Your customers will love it.

The dread of moving begins the moment that a buyer or seller decides to relocate. Real estate firms that offer a moving concierge service—like one provided by MooveGuru—have found that introducing moving support to the consumer early in the process is the best practice.

Our solution allows agents to enroll their clients in a weekly drip email campaign that’s designed as a client-for-life solution. The campaign starts well before the closing and continues to deliver homeownership savings for years to come to encourage repeat business and referrals.

“I am ever vigilant in my quest to discover ways that the RE/MAX brand can deliver additional value to our franchise owners, our sales executives and more than 82,000 customers that we serve each year,” says Dana Tuggle, regional vice president of RE/MAX of Texas, a subsidiary of RE/MAX, LLC. “It is an awesome prospect to imagine that this program has the opportunity to save Texans over $129 million ($10,500 per customer at 15 percent average savings) on their moving expenses.”

The MooveGuru program begins when RE/MAX agents invite their clients during the pre-closing process. The program stays connected to the customer throughout the process and years after the transaction.


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