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Moving Offers Program Helps Home Buyers

Moving into a new home is always one of the most stressful times in one’s life. Home buyers have many decisions to make during the months leading up to buying a new home as well as the three months following the move. There are movers to hire, utility services to call, appliance pricing to do, and furniture selections to make. These are just a few of the multiple decisions facing home buyers as they look for moving offers along the way.

REALTORS® provide their clients with a bevy of expertise. They research properties, execute marketing plans, offer financing advice, the list goes on and on. However, when it comes to purchases needed for the new home itself, home buyers are often left to their own devices.

Moving Statistics

According to a 2016 New Mover Report, home buyers start their purchasing decisions, other than buying the home itself, up to three months prior to moving into their new home. For example, three months prior they will begin thinking about if they are going to purchase cable, or instead, if they should cut the cord completely. Ultimately, they end up making the decision one month prior to moving.

The top three sources, cited in the report, for new movers’ purchasing decisions come from 1) the vendor itself from driving around the neighborhood 2) friends and family referrals and 3) Internet searches. Nearly 71% of new movers made major purchasing decisions around the time of their move, with furniture topping the list as the most expensive purchase followed closely by appliances.

Program Helps REALTORS Send Home Buyers Moving Offers

To help these movers save money on purchases for their new home, and to keep their REALTOR® top of mind before and after the closing, Form Simplicity has launched a new program “Form Simplicity Moving Deals.” This free service to Florida Realtors® members who use Form Simplicity, automatically emails moving offers and coupons to their home buyers during and after the transaction process. The moving offers emails are sent throughout the transaction process at the time when most buyers typically make purchasing decisions. For example, home insurance offers are sent between 30 and 40 days prior to closing since this is when most home buyers start shopping for insurance. Each moving offers email sent to the home buyer is branded with their REALTOR’s name, photo and contact information.

Moving Deals is Currently Available as a Member Benefit to Florida Realtors Members

Form Simplicity Moving Deals is a free service to Florida Realtors® members. Members may opt-in to the moving offers program on their transaction page in Form Simplicity.

Once a member has a signed transaction in Form Simplicity, the member may opt-in to the moving offers program by selecting the “Contract Signed, Send Moving Deals” button. The member enters the home buyer’s name, email and approximate closing date, then email offers from a variety of moving-related vendors will be automatically sent to the home buyer, branded with the REALTOR’s information. The moving offers are strategically sent on the day the home buyer is most likely in need of making the purchasing decision for the product highlighted in the offer. The REALTOR member does not need to do anything further other than this one step. Additionally, the emails sent to the home buyer will appear as though they are coming directly from his REALTOR.

More Information

Form Simplicity Moving Deals makes a great closing gift for REALTORS to give to their home buyers. To watch a video on how this moving offers program works, please visit. For questions, email:

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