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The Realty Alliance Selects MooveGuru for Partner Network

Atlanta, December 17, 2019 — MooveGuru, the real estate industry’s leader in concierge moving services offered to clients, was selected by The Realty Alliance to join the group’s partner network. The Realty Alliance is a broker owned organization of the largest brokerages in America who collaborate on sharing best practices for brokerage operations and promoting the interests of brokerages. With this announcement, The Realty Alliance member firms will have access to MooveGuru to deploy in their local markets.

MooveGuru is an automated moving concierge solution for real estate brokerage firms who wish to deliver moving related services and discounts to their clients. The services range from something simple like a change of utilities to a full hands-free move. MooveGuru was selected on the basis of providing a complete system to efficiently assist clients in moving out of, or into their home. The service is aimed at reducing the stress during a move and delivering additional homeowner services. MooveGuru has supported nearly 500,000 consumers with their move through partnerships with more than 300 real estate brokers.

Many of The Realty Alliance member firms offer a wide breadth of consumer services today that includes residential real estate agency, commercial real estate agency, relocation, title, mortgage, insurance, new home agency, and property management. With this agreement, The Realty Alliance firms will now be able to offer a wide range of services that support consumers and businesses with moving.

The Realty Alliance Board Chairman Steve Brown indicates that most of The Realty Alliance firms have long referred customers to moving resources from which they can help themselves. With the relationship offered by MooveGuru, firms will be able to offer support to the customers by themselves, facilitating moving arrangements with a full-service concierge and money saving discounts. “We are excited to take this next step to deliver a collaborative solution that improves the service levels across our member firms,” says Brown. MooveGuru will be working with member firms to incorporate their local partnerships that will augment MooveGuru’s national relationships.

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