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Meet Lindsay Ridings – MooveGuru’s Director of Operations

When our head guru, Scott Oakley, launched MooveGuru he had two primary objectives. Create user-friendly technology that makes moving easier AND hire the best. Without the latter, you can’t have the former.

Speaking of hiring the best, we’re honored to introduce you to our director of operations, Lindsay Ridings. She was one of MG’s first team members and believes that client connection is essential to best directing MooveGuru’s forward momentum.

In her day-to-day, you can find Lindsay working with MG’s dev teams to ensure they have what they need to “moove” the tech in the right direction. She also monitors email content and signs on new vendors.

But, at the core of all her responsibilities is her mission to purposefully engage with customers. She fuels this by digging into to support questions and troubleshooting. She also audits on-boarding meetings and assists with follow-up to ensure the team exceeds client expectations.

“Proactive communication provides confidence around the services we provide,” said Lindsay. “It ensures our broker partners can explain the program to their agents and then the agents can easily share the service with their clients. Getting this communication chain right is essential.”

Prior to her role at MooveGuru, Lindsay was a senior operations manager for a leading energy efficiency program implementer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Alabama.

Let’s hear from this rockstar directly! Here’s a quick Q&A with Lindsay:

Q: What gets ya excited about the work you’re doing?

A: I love every aspect of my job from helping colleagues, to supporting our external customers and onboarding new customers. We all know moving can be stressful and is costly. But it’s also a momentous life event that’s worth cherishing. Knowing that each day we’re helping agents make their clients’ move easier and more enjoyable gets me excited about what we’re doing at MooveGuru!

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not helping build the industry’s best real estate technology?

A: Gardening, hiking and visiting beautiful and interesting places. State and national parks often fill my weekends. (See beautiful Bryce Canyon National Park below.)

Q: Do you have a story about how MooveGuru helped a broker, agent and or homeowner or renter?

A: We had a homeowner who closed and forgot to set up his utilities. His realtor called us and we were able to jump in and assist! He was connected in no time and was forever grateful to his realtor. He expressed his thanks through many referrals. That’s gratifying to me because that’s exactly what MooveGuru’s technology is designed to facilitate.


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